Biogas 100% used     the inner biogas can be totally squeezed out which is hardly to achieve by the     traditional one.

Light weight     It weighs only a small percentage than the traditional one. This does great good for make, transportation, installation, etc. And saving a lot of construction time and material cost.

No need to maintain for long term     For the membrane field is made of the super anti-corrosion material, and can last more than 20 years in the biogas circumstance. Meanwhile, it is well welded by hot-melted materials, so we do not have to do regular maintain when use membrane storage.

Save money, time & labor     For it is small and light, also the membrane field has been well-shaped in factory, so the on-site installation will just cost 1-2 days.

Anti-freezing     For there is no water in the inner structure, there is no need to worry about the frozen problem in the cold area.

Keep warm     As we know, air is the perfect medium to keep warm. So the air between two-layer membrane makes the system warmer than the traditional one.

Artistic     The main color of the membrane is grey white, so it can easily be matched. Meanwhile, the whole structure is designed to be spheroidal, and this arise the sense of beauty.

Comparatively safe when accident happen     Anyway, biogas is flammable gases, if by any chance explosion happens, it will not produce so much injury pieces as other hard material made storage.

Easily repair & remove    If unforeseeable things happened, most of the maintenance can be  easily  done at present. For example,When gas leaking, it only need a small patch.

Fire protection    The material of membrane field is non-flammable, the fire protection grade reach the Euro-standard B1.